Frequently Asked Questions

Transport Canada, our country’s governing aviation body, requires that you complete and submit a medical form known as a Category 4 (self declared) medical standard. This form must be signed by a licensed physician in Canada before receiving your student pilot permit and your ultralight pilot permit

You can download the form and print it –

The aircraft is a Flight Design CTsw (short wing) and you can learn more about this aircraft on our website.

You can start flight training at any age, but must be a minimum age of 14 to obtain a student pilot permit. At the age of 16 you are eligible to obtain the Ultralight Pilot Permit.
Everybody learns differently and everyone has their own schedule, but in general if you are an active student on a weekly basis the ultralight permit can be achieved within 2 to 3 months. As well, factors such as weather conditions and any unexpected maintenance issues may lengthen the time in which you complete your license.

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