Ultralight Pilot / Flight Training

Learn to fly at the Kitchener-Waterloo International Airport on one of the world’s most popular advanced ultralight aircrafts. We will guide you through the steps on attaining your ultralight permit and more!

At Golden Horseshoe Advanced Ultralights, you can achieve one or all of the following: the ultralight pilot permit, the passenger carrying ultralight pilot rating and the flight instructor ultralight pilot rating.

Prior to completing either of the above permit/ratings everyone must attain a student pilot permit as mandated by Transport Canada.

Your ultralight pilot license will allow you to fly an ultra-light type aircraft during the day with a maximum weight of 1,200 pounds.

Your training must meet the Transport Canada requirements for the issuance of your license. A Category 4 Medical Certificate issued by Transport Canada must be obtained in the process. A Category 3 Medical Certificate must be obtained for the Flight Instructor Pilot Rating.

Ultralight Pilot Permit

It is a two-step process if you would like to achieve your Ultralight Pilot Permit.

Ultralight Passenger Carrying Rating

It is a two-step process if you would like to achieve your Ultralight Passenger Carrying Rating.

Ultralight Flight Instructor Rating

It is a three-step process if you would like to achieve your Flight Instructor Rating for an Ultralight Aeroplane.

Advanced Ultralight Aircraft Training Process

At Golden Horseshoe Advanced Ultralights, the cost for the entire approximately 2.5 hours instructional lesson is $229 including all taxes.

The total duration of each lesson is approximately 2.5 hours which includes:

  • A 45-60 minute Preparatory Ground Instruction on the pertaining training excercise.
  • A 10 minute preflight discussion (reviewing what will happen during the flight).
  • A one hour in-flight lesson.
  • A 10 minute post-flight discussion (reflecting what occurred during the flight).

It is recognized that in order for the student to be successful, lessons are modified to meet the individual learning needs and style of the student. As a result, each lesson may slightly vary in length. It is believed that often the best flight instruction occurs during preflight and postflight briefings, when the student has opportunities to ask questions and/or request clarifications about their flight activities and experiences.

There are minimum hours of training required by Transport Canada for the ultralight permit. However, these numbers tend to average higher due to many factors such as, but not limited to, training schedule/availability of each student, conditions of the weather, and airplane maintenance.

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